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Can these girls get any cuter?! 

VIDEO: Sophia Grace & Rosie Hit The Red Carpet At The Grammys!

Sophia Grace and Rosie are riding this Nicki Minaj love fest until they can’t ride it anymore. 

Coming off their Grammy red carpet correspondent gig, Sophia Grace and Rosie take the time to enjoy their shine by rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” featuring Drake.

We must warn you, Sophia Grace turns her swag on and raps harder than Drizzy. Oh, and you can expect a special appearance by the little naughty English boy Roman Zolanski too. 

VIDEO: Sophia Grace & Rosie Hop Out The Bed & Turn Their Swag On Ellen!

Although we think Sophia and Rosie are adorable, we’re starting to wonder when do they actually go to school? 

Just a thought, but nonetheless, they’re so cute no one can resist an adorable video of them performing. 

Check them out in the video above!