The Republican presidential hopefuls finished their first debate tonight in Arizona with Rick Santorum, who is leading amongst his adversaries Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul, under the spotlight!

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Rick Santorum has been leading in the polls since his big three state win in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, just two weeks ago, so it was no question he was the center of attention.

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During the debate, Republicans continued to take aims at social issues such as abortion, birth control and same-sex adoption. Other issues stressed last night were Iran’s possibility of attaining nuclear weaponry, the auto industry bailouts, immigration and balancing the nation’s budget.

There is no question while speaking on these issues some very eyebrow raising statements were made. That’s why Global Grind has put together a list of the statements made during the debate that are extremely ridiculous.

Take a look at the list of statements below!

1. “All of us are at risk today than anytime in the history of this country.” – Newt Gingrich

2. “Obama is afraid to stand up against Iran.” – Rick Santorum

3. “I’m inclined to believe dictators, I believe that it is dangerous not to!” – Newt Gingrich

4. “Just because I talk about these problems, doesn’t mean I want a government program to fix it.”- Rick Santorum

5. “I said do not write a check. These companies need to go through a managed bankruptcy.” – Mitt Romney

6. “Y’know there’s reason for confusion because it’s all Congress fault, they don’t know what they are doing.” – Ron Paul

7. “Occupy Wall Street rhetoric, I’m not going to adopt that rhetoric.” – Rick Santorum

8. “I’m a guy who lives in the world of business… I lived balancing budgets.” – Mitt Romney

9. “First thing I would do is repeal Obamacare.” – Rick Santorum

10. “I believe this is the most dangerous President on grounds of national security in history.” – Newt Gingrich

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