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We all know 50 Cent, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson, for being one of the highest selling gangster rappers, as well as the murderer of many rappers’ careers. But we’ve all wanted to know if there is a softer side to the rapping monster.

As it turns out, 50 wants to hand over his gangster card to get a new, world peace card!

The platinum-selling rapper recently traveled to a Somali refugee camp to help make a difference for the UN’s World Food Program. Other celebrities such as Bono of U2, Angelina Jolie, and Jay-Z have also been involved in this program to help impoverished areas of Africa.

Apparently the UN didn’t want 50 Cent working in the program due to the lyrics in his music, but fortunately, he was able to convince them he was capable of doing a good job!

50 spoke with Dan Harris of ABC News, who followed him on his journey, about his change of heart.

“I want to be more, not just as an artist but as a person. My legacy…what’s left behind. I don’t want to be a guy who’s just remembered for writing a few cool songs.”

He also spoke on what he thinks his fans will think of his softer side:

“It doesn’t match. It doesn’t match at all, but this is the next chapter of my life. I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me. They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.”

50 posted some pictures on his Facebook of his experiences, and you can just tell that he definitely got a thrill out of meeting some of the kids.

He wrote:

I’m in Somalia this week to show the world the devastation that is taking place. Children going hungry everyday, even dying everyday from hunger. I am going to keep sending thru images from out here. I need you to take these photos and re-post to your friends. The world needs to see what is going on.

Even if it’s not the 50 Cent were used to, we’re so proud of his change of heart and mind!

Do you like the new side of 50?