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This time last year, there was no this time. We were well on our way into the ides of March, awaiting spring blooms and spring fashions.

This year, February decided to linger around for an extra day, so what better way to celebrate the day that only comes once every four years, than by thinking about where we were when we last saw the calendar hit February 29th?

Try long and hard to think of yourself four years ago, rockin’ to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” off the Carter III, while whipping an ever-so-fresh 2007 make and model.

Here are some of the trends we are sure you experimented with while Kanye was in the studio slaving over 808s and Heartbreaks.

Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend-fit craze started with the Jeans and soon took over the fashion world, featuring loose fitting jeans, button downs, cardigans and blazers. Katie Holmes put the trend on the radar when she moved to New York City, started acting on Broadway and switched her tailored look for a pair of loose fitting, rolled up boyfriend jeans.

Maxi Dresses

The denim mini-skirt trend went out the window when the maxi dress came on the scene. Starting with floral floor dusting frocks, the Maxi dress was seen on the scene on Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Initially the dress didn’t hit it big on the runway in 2007, but was accepted by the fashion masses after women quickly learned that there was a style of maxi dress for almost every body type.

Gladiator Sandals

Loved them? Hated them? The 300-inspired gladiator sandals conquered the fashion industry in 2008 and had women prancing around with unsuspected strappy tan lines on their feet. Famous in shades of brown, black and metallic, the shoes sometimes caged the ankle or the full leg.

All Over Printed Hoodies

Simplicity went out the window when streetwear brands like Bape made it mainstream. Suddenly, full-zip hoodies, printed outerwear and witty logo tees were part of the masses.

Bright Colored Lips

Prior to 2008, it was almost a rarity to see a young woman sporting a bright colored lip in the daytime. Lipstick was reserved for older women in reserved shades and for fancy outings, but 2008 changed that. The red lip slowly crept out from the shadows of the lip gloss and still sticks around today.

Now, in 2012 the trends are crossing over to color blocking bights, neon accessories, printed bottoms and bold metallic.

The next time we see February 29th in 2016, Blue Ivy will be a four-year-old musical sensation (probably topping the Billboard charts) red lipstick will still prevail, and who knows, maybe cars will (finally) be flying Jetsons style … If the Mayan Calendar isn’t accurate of course.

Check out your favorite Hip-Pop stars rocking the 2008 trends in the gallery above.