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Melanie Fiona wants to give you her all “This Time.” 

Melanie Fiona drops another R&B banger, but this time she brought along her Roc Nation buddy J.Cole

“If only you knew all the love I had inside, If only I told you that you were my greatest pride,” sings Fiona. 

Melanie must’ve given her all to J.Cole this time around, because he came through with some heat up his sleeve.

J.Cole spits, “If looks kills, than Melanie/you a felony/we both hot, I guess we couldn’t take the jealousy/all in my ear had my homeboys tellin’ me/how to be a playa/ we fell off like Bill Bellamy.”

“This Time” isn’t the first time Melanie and J.Cole worked together. In 2009, they hopped on Wale’s “Beautiful Bliss” together and three years later, they’re back at it.

“This Time” is off Melanie’s sophomore album The MF Life, due out March 20. 

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