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PHOTOS: Mystikal, Lil Wayne & Birdman On The Set Of “Original”

Mystikal is back with his first video since his almost decade hiatus from the rap game. Birdman announced that he was signing the “Shake It Fast” rapper right before the holidays last year, and only a few short months later, fans have an “Original” video. 

Mystikal, Wayne, and Birdman swag out in a big mansion with beautiful women by their side. 

Mystikal takes center stage on a baby grand piano as he lets the world know that he’s keeping it “Original.”  

NEW MUSIC: Mystikal, Lil Wayne & Birdman “Original”

Lil Wayne doesn’t take center stage on a baby grand piano, but he does keep his beloved skateboard close- very close. Matter of fact, Weezy barely puts down the skateboard the entire video. 

Mystikal is readying his comeback album with his YMCMB family. Mystikal’s comeback album is due out summer 2012. 

Check out the “Original” video above!