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Olivia Munn had her phone hacked and some pretty risque pictures of The Babymakers actress were leaked online early last week. 

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You might assume Liv would be embarrassed at having her personal moments shared with the world, but she’s actually handling the situation rather well.

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At the SXSW premiere for her movie The Babymakers, she wrote a letter to the attendees poking fun at starving children, her charity work and of course, her nude pictures.

The letter was read by film director Jay Chandrasekhar to the crowd on hand. 

March 9, 2012

Dear Everyone at “The Babymakers” SXSW screening:

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you all. I’m currently in Sierra Leone helping build wells for the thirsty. I thought I’d have time to stop through Austin on my way here, but I was detoured when I saw two beached seals on the Gulf near South Padre and used all of my strength, sweat and tears to pull them back into the water and save their lives. (NOTE to JAY- Hold for applause and gasps. About 2 solid minutes…) So, I come to you only in this letter, by way of my director of “The Babymakers” Jay Chandra-shay… shay- Jay Chandra-something.

It’s hard for me to sit here with these small, dysentery-ridden children and know that I cannot be there, with all of you wonderful friends and supporters, for my SXSW Hollywood movie premiere.

I must end this letter short, as I’m on my way to Seoul, Korea to speak with the starving children who have been denied food by their country and educate them on a motto that I have personally lived by and think will give them some hope: Thinner is Better.

I pray this letter finds you well and God keeps you safe. Oh, and one last thing- Some of those pictures weren’t even me. I mean, you can’t even see my penis… and it’s pretty big for an Asian. Sheesh.

Til next we meet again…


Your Cable Television Darling (from the upcoming HBO Aaron Sorkin series, “The Newsroom”),

Olivia Munn

Olivia’s leaked pics were pretty interesting, considering they featured some intense sexual demands written on them in colored text. If you haven’t seen the photos yet, click on the link above. We’re glad Olivia has a sense of humor about the whole thing!