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Celebrities of all kinds are joining in on the conversation about the unfortunate killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin

In a recent interview with ABlackTVSlaughterhouse have no problem addressing the big elephant in the room – race and perception. 

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Crooked I kicks off the conversation by quoting Bill Clinton’s “America still needs to have that race conversation” statement. 

Even though former President Clinton hasn’t been the Commander-In-Chief for some time now, those words are still very prevalent.

Crooked I then brings up Geraldo Rivera’s shocking comment about black and Latino kids wearing hoodies. 

Slaughter House Session: Royce The 5’9 Interview!

Joe Budden also gives his two cents on Geraldo’s stance on “wearing hoodies.”

While Crooked I says Geraldo needs to retract his statement, Joe Budden notes that Geraldo’s message was a very deliberate statement to start controversy.

Just like Barack Obama, the thought of “he looks like he could’ve been my son” was a consensus that Slaughterhouse shared in this interview.

Aside from divulging their sentiments about Trayvon Martin, the Slaughterhouse foursome talks about being on tour, their forthcoming album and more.

Check out the video above!