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If you’re familiar with the history of hip-hop, then you know about the much-documented relationship troubles between Biggie and Faith Evans.

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Biggie met Faith and married her after knowing her for like a week. Faith went on to a fairly successful singing career and Biggie is the greatest of all time. Somewhere along their journey to the top, things went wrong. Faith felt betrayed, then recorded a song called “Used To Love Me” where she sang, “You used to love me everyday, now your love has gone away.” 

So on R. Kelly’s Be Happy, which appeared on his self-titled album, Biggie Smalls rapped, “You were a Reebok vandal, now you wear Chanel sandals, I made you why would I play you? ” 

Which brings me to Tyson Beckford and his beautiful girlfriend Shanina Shaik. 

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The male supermodel Tyson said of his girlfriend:

“When I found her she was a regular girl. I helped place her with the right people, get her teeth cleaned, her body toned up,” he told the interviewer. “Everything changed and now everyone wants a piece of her. I hear people say, ‘You can do better than Tyson.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Really?! I created her!’”

While a lot of people took Tyson’s comments the wrong way, Shanina laughed it off saying, “I did not take his comments seriously.” Adding, “My mother made me.”

While that might be true, I’d like to say there is nothing wrong with a guy upgrading his girl, or a girl upgrading her man. Sure, Tyson’s choice of words was absolutely wrong, but he should get credit for the things he’s done for his girl. It should also be noted that making your woman better is what a man should do. 
Whether the guy is a supermodel or fry cook at Mickey D’s, we should all make our lovers better.

This leads me to ask, would you have a problem letting your significant other significantly upgrade your life? Because at the end of the day, sometimes it takes someone else to help us live up to our full potential. 

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