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First PETA, now Theraflu!?

Over the counter medicine company Theraflu isn’t feeling too good about Kanye West’s new song “Theraflu.”

Kanye released his fiery track to the masses, and as a result, people were getting sick so Yeezy had to get the “Theraflu.” 

TMZ contacted the medicine company to get their thoughts on Kanye’s “Theraflu” and the company rep said:

“We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner. Theraflu is an over-the-counter product used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that millions of consumers rely on.”

The company didn’t allude to taking legal action against Kanye, but they didn’t seem too thrilled about him promoting the medicine via a hip-hop song.

Kanye’s new song probably won’t hurt the company, in fact, he’s giving them free publicity which could potentially boost their sales.

GlobalGrind thinks it’s a good song, and the next time we’re sick we’ll go cop that Theraflu instead of Nyquil. 

Thanks Kanye!