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George Zimmerman wants to apologize to Trayvon Martin’s family according to his attorney, Mark O’Mara.

STORY: George Zimmerman Makes Appearance In Court 

Zimmerman is being charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and through his lawyer says that the teenager’s death “weighs on” him everyday.

O’Mara told ABC News

“Understand that George fully well realizes that he was involved in some way in the death of another young man. He does not take the result of that altercation lightly at all. That weighed on him, I would imagine, more than the isolation, more than the last six weeks, more probably than the threat of what is to come in the system.” 

Zimmerman spent his first night in prison in protective custody where he could be watched at all times, and according to law enforcement officials he has “wept quite a bit” at night.

When asked if Zimmerman may apologize to Martin’s family, O’Mara said: 

“What I want to happen is for that conversation to occur directly to the family rather than …in the media through me. Yeah, I imagine it would.”

Zimmerman appeared inside a Seminole County courtroom today for his first hearing/arraignment. But the judge moved the date for the formal arraignment to May 29th.

During the brief appearance, Zimmerman stood up straight and wore a gray prison jumpsuit. He spoke only to answer, “Yes sir,” after he was asked basic questions about the charge against him. According to a booking report, Zimmerman is listed as 5-foot-8 and weighing 185 lbs.

Zimmerman will remain a resident of Seminole County’s John E. Polk Correctional Facility, otherwise known as the Seminole County jail.

The Sheriff’s office in Seminole County added that Zimmerman underwent a series of physical and mental health tests after arriving at the jail Wednesday night. 

Jail records show that he has several tattoos, including theatrical masks on his left arm and a couple of crosses.

The records also show that he bought $79.84 worth of items from the jail commissary including soaps, underwear, snacks and a couple of crossword puzzle books.

There was no sign of scarring on the back of his head and the booking photo shows no indication that his nose had been broken in his confrontation with Martin, as Zimmerman’s former legal team had claimed.

O’Mara said outside court when the hearing was completed that they decided not to ask for bail and suggested it was at least partly out of concern for Zimmerman’s safety.

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