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French graffiti artist Zevs is up to his old antics.

Zevs has a habit of adding a dripping effect to pre-existing high fashion logos in order to have onlookers “reexamine how they view and interact with logos so that it’s not such a passive relationship.”

His latest art won’t require a clean-up crew or cost the brand any money this time around, because unlike his past works, this one was actually commissioned. 

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To celebrate the opening of their newest property, the W Paris Opéra, W Hotels brought in the best of young European artistic talent to interpret the spirit of their city. French artist ShoboShobo created a series of characters exercising with macarons, baguettes and wine props to decorate the hotel gym, while Dutch photographer Marcel van der Vlugt reinterpreted French icons into modern portraits of Paul Gauguin, the Marquis de Sade, Marie Antoinette and Louis Daguerre on pillows in each room.
However, not all of the installations are visible to the naked eye. Guests checking in to Suite 112 at the hotel are in for a special surprise. 

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Zevs has incorporated his “Liquidated Logos” artwork into the room, but only with the assistance of a UV light. Zevs’ dripping version of the Louis Vuitton has been applied to the walls in an invisible ink that he created in a laboratory in New York City, mimicking the special red pigment used by police at crime scenes. He also took the time to use the paint on some of the pre-existing artwork in the room for an extra creepy effect.

Take a closer look at Zevs’ artwork at the W Paris Opéra Hotel in the gallery above.

SOURCE: Cool Hunting