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Evelyn Lozada has been busy planning her upcoming wedding, but she recently took a break to party it up with her girl Rihanna

The 34-year-old posted some pictures to Twitter of her popping some bottles with the Bajan beauty this week.

When you’re marrying Evelyn Lozada, you have to expect that it’s not an easy walk in the park!

The Basketball Wives star is getting married to NFL star Chad Ochocinco later this year, and they may have hit a snag. 

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Evelyn recently told RadarOnline how she and Chad disagree on lots of details:

“He has certain requests that I don’t necessarily agree with. Chad thinks outside of the box a lot of the time

Sometimes thinking outside the box is not something I necessarily agree with. Instead I think, ‘Really, you want that???”

Apparently Chad demands some animals at their wedding, and Ev isn’t too happy!

“He wanted to have animals at my wedding, and I didn’t agree with that vision, and that’s something that he is not letting up on and now we are dealing with and I am now trying to find ways to compromise. I want to make him happy and make him feel like he is included in our big day.

Maybe it’s a llama or something small, but no lions or elephants. I feel bad for them! I have been to a few events where they have had animals caged up and it bothers me.”

VIDEO: Evelyn Lozada To Chad Ochocinco: “I’ll Respect You For The Truth!”

Last month the cute couple went to a charity event where there was a lion, and it ended up peeing on Chad!

“They had a lion in a cage and Chad decided to get close to take a picture to tweet it,” Evelyn said.

Out of nowhere the lion decided to pee on Chad, right on his Dolce & Gabbana jacket and it sprayed urine on his face! I laughed for two days afterwards about. I called him Simba from The Lion King, I had so many jokes.”

As for how she is dealing with the planning, Evelyn revealed:

“It’s been crazy! There’s a lot of pressure, I had a venue and there were issues with that, we started off late with it all,” she revealed. “I am under a lot of pressure, filming my own project, working on my career and my branding.

I am trying to balance everything, some days are better than other. There is a lot going on but I am not complaining!”

Chad and Evelyn will air their wedding special in September, but for now we can anticipate the crazy antics to come. 

SOURCE: RadarOnline

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