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Could Anna Wintour and La La be new BFFs?

By now, we all know how Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour does. She finds a person under the mainstream radar that she admires from a fashion standpoint, subtly stalks them at casual events and then BAM! they get a Vogue cover or feature.

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Well, maybe it isn’t that simple, but there isn’t a chummy new pal of Wintour’s that we haven’t seen featured in the fashion maven’s magazine at one point or another. 

The new “it” girl on Anna Wintour’s sunglassed radar may just be La La Anthony. After a feature in the magazine alongside her hubby Carmelo and son Kiyan, could it be possible that we will be seeing more of La La in the fashion Bible?

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After a sighting of Wintour and La La at the Knicks game yesterday, we can’t help but wonder what the two have up their stylish sleeves. The pair met back in April of last year and La La summed up the meeting in a tweet stating: “Just met Anna word..WOW..I LOVE her!!!!!!!!”

It looks like Wintour is returning the love.

Check out La La and the Vogue EIC getting chummy on their way to the Knicks game in the gallery above.