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Coachella performances this past weekend left concert crowds and fans all highly satisfied.

The Weeknd put on a killer set, Rihanna followed her Euro-tech heart to find love and Azealia Banks shut it down with her infectious Harlem “212” swag.

But the most talked about performance was definitely Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s set, with none other than a surprise guest appearance by the late, great Tupac – with a shocking life-like hologram of course!

Ever since Tupac’s hologram made a guest appearance at Coachella, rumors have begun to circulate of a possible tour featuring Pac’s digital projection. 

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Fans, celebrities and even Shakur’s own mother were blown away by the creative lengths of modern technology.

Rihanna even tweeted: “#TupacBACK #unbelievable #IWASTHERE #STORY4myGrandKidz.”

But Coachella wasn’t the only stage premiering Tupac’s digital comeback.

A hilarious Twitter parody account also spawned on the dot com; making Tupac’s comeback seem even more legit now that the internet has managed to yet again caricature another pop culture event.

But just like @Waynes_Jeggings, @Lebronhairline6 and @BeyJayBlueIvy (formerly known as BeyJayFetus), @HologramTuPac has been posting some rather hilarious tweets to its over 20K followers.

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Not only does the account author(s) post witty puns at Pac’s music catalogue and iconic sayings, he also jabs at some of the music industry’s most relevant news, like YMCMB rapper Drake and the whole debatable MobbDeep beef.

But instead of scanning through a few days worth of tweets, we here at GlobalGrind decided to save you some time and pluck out the top 10 tweets from @HologramTuPac.

Take a look below!