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Breaking news: The members of Foster the People have been killed!

OK, OK, not in real life. But it does happen in the beginning of the band’s new video for their latest single, “Houdini.” 

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The video starts out with the band shooting a music video, when a piece of the set falls and kills all the members of the group. 

The show must go on though, right?

And go on it does. A member of the production team calls up a dude who fixes problems like this. The mysterious man shows up with a team full of men in suits and they go to work, and using some tricks, they make it seem like the members are still alive, making it so they can continue to shoot their video. 

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All of this sounds very morbid, but it’s actually quite funny. 

Hey, what do you expect from a band that randomly has Gabourey Sidibe appear in one of their videos?