Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.  DETAILS: Ke$ha Agrees With “Die Young” Ban, Says She Was Forced To Sing Lyrics  Foster The People’s 2010 hit “Pumped Up Kicks” has been pulled off L.A. radio in the wake of the Newtown Massacre.  Joining Ke$ha on the new list of banned artists since Friday’s Sandy Hook […]

Can’t say we ever saw this cover coming! COOL ASS COVERS: Lana Del Rey Covers Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” While out in the UK, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky stopped by BBC’s Radio 1 show for an exclusive interview, which eventually led him to participate in the show’s tradition of covering a favorite record. After some convincing, […]

All the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run, because Usher is coming! NEW VIDEO: Usher “Scream”  Usher stopped by BBC’s Radio 1 Live to perform one of his favorite pop songs “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People.  Usher ditched his R&B swag and picked up his guitar to create the perfect […]

Breaking news: The members of Foster the People have been killed! OK, OK, not in real life. But it does happen in the beginning of the band’s new video for their latest single, “Houdini.”  DETAILS: Foster The People Has The Most Played Song On Spotify!  The video starts out with the band shooting a music video, when […]

Spotify made its big United States premiere this year, and it instantly became one of the most talked about musical items in social media circles.  Foster The People Announce 2012 United States Tour  To wrap up the huge year Spotify had, the streaming service released its 10 most popular songs of 2011. The Bey-Board Charts: […]

Los Angeles based alternative rock band Foster The People had the biggest year of their lives in 2011. Their debut album, Torches, went gold and the LP also picked up a couple of Grammy nominations, for Best Alternative Album and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.  VIDEO: Foster The People “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)” Well, […]

Foster The People and Gabourey Sidibe — who could have imagined? NEW MUSIC: Foster The People Remixes Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory”  The Precious-star joined the indie pop band for the group’s newest video, “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)” and all we have to say is this sh*t cray. Literally. This is one of […]

Indie pop band Foster The People call it like it is in their new video “Call It What You Want.”  As the trio parties it up in a mansion, odd things begin to occur.  The band’s drummer Mark Pontius plays the drums in a bathtub, bassist Cubbie Fink makes out with himself in a mirror, […]


Hey my GG Beauty junkies!, As a fellow junkie, I’ve decided to blog the Top Makeup looks for Spring/Summer. So I went to the experts to see what they have to say! Checkout the most sought after celeb makeup artist’s I caught up with to help you put your best face forward this season! She’s […]

I read a book back in July called “Be Your Own Mentor” by Sheila Wellington. It made me realize something very valuable. Although I find myself surrounded by successful women, none of them I can consider a mentor or a role model. Why is that? After last week’s “incident” on Twitter (shameless plug, follow me […]


 When it comes to youth violence, I’m not one to blame the media or television, video games or even music. I think the problem with violence starts at home and then other variables fuel that fire. The parents and family members need to start stepping up.  ‘The reason why we’re so angry…in a way we’re […]