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Patricia Krentcilaka “The Tanning Mom,” landed herself in hot water when she was accused of allegedly sending her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning salon a few weeks ago. 

DETAILS: Mom Arrested For Putting Her 5-Year-Old Daughter In A Tanning Booth!

Despite looking like a shriveled up California raisin, “The Tanning Mom” might actually be pretty cool.

TMZ headed to “The Tanning Mom’s” home in New Jersey to find out her tanning regime, when surprisingly she was blasting jigga man!

We ain’t lying! “The Tanning Mom” loves Jay-Z!

DETAILS: Snooki Has A Few Choice Words For “The Tanning Mom”

While waiting for her hubby to return to the car, “The Tanning Mom” was bumping Jay-Z’s “Forever Young” so loudly, her mini van windows were about to crack – just like her burnt skin.

Who knew a middle-aged stay at home mom would love Jay-Z so much?

Check out the hilarious video above! 

Photo Credit: SplashNews


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