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Shots have been fired, and now sh*t is getting ugly. 

Chris Brown released a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Way Too Cold (Theraflu)” and to our surprise, he said a couple bars that threw shade, lots of shade, towards his ex-girlfriend Rihanna

NEW MUSIC: WAY TOO COLD: Chris Brown Fires Shots At Rihanna On “Theraflu” Freestyle

“Don’t f*ck with my old bitches/like a bad fur/every industry n*gga done had her/trick or treat like a pumpkin/ just to smash her,” raps Chris Brown. 

Rihanna must’ve gotten wind of the new track, because shortly after the song hit the net, she tweetgrammed a funny photo that read, “Take that thumb out of your ass.” 

After hearing the uproar, Chris Brown hopped on Twitter and said:

Rihanna was so pissed about the diss, she unfollowed Chris Brown on Twitter (Yes, GlobalGrind checked all 784 people she’s following), and in turn, Chris Brown unfollowed her back (Yes, we went through the 1,513 people he follows). 

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Dear Rihanna, We Needed More A$$ & Titties!

There’s definitely some tension between Rihanna and Chris Brown now, and we have no idea where it’s all coming from.

Just a few months ago, RiRi and Breezy were all chummy when they collaborated on not one, but two tracks.

Chris hopped on Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix and she returned the favor by hopping on his “Turn Up The Music.”

There’s definitely trouble in paradise.

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