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Jennifer Hudson is proving that she is stronger than ever. 

After standing trail against the man who killed her mother, brother and nephew, the singer has put the hurt behind her and has began to move on with her life.

DETAILS: Homestretch! Prosecution Rests Its Case In Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial

After three days of deliberations, Balfour was convicted of 1st degree murder in the deaths of Darnell Donerson, Jason Hudson, and Julian King. Balfour was also convicted of home invasion and residential burglary.

Just a day after Jennifer listened to those guilty verdicts against her former brother-in-law, William Balfour, who killed her family in a jealous rage, the songstress and her husband were spotted at Six Flags Great America enjoying rollercoaster rides.

PHOTOS: The Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial

Jennifer’s life has mirrored one continuous roller ride since the murder of her family shook up her world, but she has mentally, physically and now spaciously come out on top.

Our hats off to Jennifer Hudson and her ability to repeatedly bounce back.