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I miss real west coast rap. There’s nobody holding down the Westside like back in the days. West coast rap was so ill, even Def Jam created Def West to be a part of the action.

Don’t front, no matter where you’re from, you loved the Dr Dre Snoop Dogg combination, Golden State Wariors (Xzibit, King Tee, Alkaholiks), Ice Cube, MC Eight and of course the mighty Tupac.

I remember seeing the club going crazy when ‘Doggy Dogg World’ came on. It was almost as if 20 BBQ’s broke out and did the Electric Slide at the same time. I’m sure its on your Ipod and I bet you’ll go crazy if you played it now. And remember Above The Rim, The soundtrack was straight up west coast.

Its a daydream if anyone think they can re-create that era. I like Game but he seems to be caught up on beefing with others rather than just making good music (and he has dope music too). Dr Dre’s beats are dated and I’m afraid that The Chronic 2 is going to sound that way (similar to Eminems current singles).

So what’s the west going to do now? I don’t really know the answer. Hey, its just a blog. Maybe it will inspire the best in the west to step out and pump some life back into west coast hip hop. If you know any new west coast rappers that should be on my radar, can you please tell me.

Peace  to my West Coast Crew! (Daz, Kurpt, Rage, Kee, Jill and B)

Rasheed Young

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