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Just one of my top 10 most misunderstood things about being a model..


1. Its not glamorous! Arriving in foreign places… Not knowing the
language… By yourself waiting long hours at airports and eating gross
airplane food and airport food. Being stuck in hotel rooms because its to
dangerous to leave! Yet you still have to keep thin and not look bloated!

2. Its so lonely traveling all over the world by yourself! Your agent does
 not come with you! LONELY!

 3. Meeting people that don’t speak your language and them looking at you
poking at you and you posing in front of a photographer who can’t
communicate with you.

4. Forcing you to wear shoes that don’t fit you because it has to fit for
the photo.

5. Make up artist shaving your eyebrows or putting glue in your hair that
doesn’t come out. I’ve been burnt with curling wand!

6. Have no sense of outside connection with your friends and family when
your in a foreign city like korea when you have no idea which person is
 who! Basically putting your life at risk with strangers as soon as you get
off the flight!

7. Dealing with time differences! One minute your in Spain.. The next
korea. The next miami. Yet you have to work like you’ve just been
refreshed at a day spa the day before.

8. Dealing with waiting in immigration for hours and hours every week
 because you travel so much! A lot of waiting around at airports… Hotels
and photo shoots… And plus people trying to crack onto you 247 because
your traveling alone most the time!

 9. Working long hours in cold and hot conditions. (We go through any
circumstances to get the money shot!) Wearing little dresses in freezing
cold winter snowy weather.

 10. Working 24hour days non stop! in korea they worked me for 27hours. I was delirious.

I am happy being a model! But its not all that easy! A lot of work goes on
between it. But in order for anything to be beautiful must go through
pain! Like the lotus that grows in the mud!

So work hard feel pain and you will be a champion!