Just when you thought Krispy Kreme couldn’t get any more irresistible. The chain’s UK branch has confirmed the launch of a Hole in the Wall pop-up shop that will essentially dispense donuts into customers’ hands like an ATM machine. BuzzFeed reports: “The machine will be an interface where a consumer simply follows the payment instructions for […]

Ariana Grande had a tough week of some backlash, after footage went viral of her licking donuts at a Los Angeles donut shop. Following up her donut-licking with comments on how she hates America and Americans, reports surfaced that the incident was under investigation, and the singer could possibly be charged for “deliberate food tampering.” […]

Ariana Grande was caught kissing her rumored new boo, Ricky Alvarez, at a donut shop in California this past Saturday and managed to concurrently anger some employees in the process. From Gossip Cop: …There was actually a minor issue at the donut shop because Grande was also seen on the video jokingly putting her mouth close […]

If you’re looking for a reason to indulge, today is your day. It’s National Donut Day, which means that it’s the only day of the year when you can eat as many donuts as you want and not feel bad about it. OK, that’s not entirely true. No matter what day it is, you should never […]

If you haven’t heard about the cronut, then you ain’t been living on planet Earth. OK, New York! The cronut is a hybrid of a croissant and donut melded together in delicious harmony – which was introduced last month – by the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. And through word of mouth or rather taste of […]

J. Cole loves some Krispy Kreme donuts! In a recent video of him driving with friends, J.Cole stops off to get his Krispy Kreme fix in Troy, Michigan.  After ranting about hot and warm donuts and strawberry milk, J.Cole goes on to explain very passionately that when “You walk in Dunkin Donuts their donuts are […]

Just one of my top 10 most misunderstood things about being a model..   1. Its not glamorous! Arriving in foreign places… Not knowing thelanguage… By yourself waiting long hours at airports and eating grossairplane food and airport food. Being stuck in hotel rooms because its todangerous to leave! Yet you still have to keep […]