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Every morning after meditation, I look through the daily newspapers and surf the internet. Some of this stuff is supposed to be pretty heavy. But honestly, at that time of the morning I’m still high as hell from my meditation and really ‘its all illusion’ Anyhow, one morning I was sitting in bed with my current girlfriend Julie Henderson and I saw a very typical image of us together at some black tie event. The picture appeared on one of of my favorite sources of relevant news 

The headline was ‘IS RUSSELL SERIOUS ABOUT THIS WAFER?’.  I was pleased with the picture and I kept it moving. Julie, who was looking over my shoulder made a comment,’Hey, at least they think I look skinny in that dress!’  I laughed like a happy yogi baby and said, ‘that’s not ‘waif’ honey, that’s ‘wafer’ …like white girl..:-). 

She didn’t think it was that funny-but it was.  

She has been subjected to quite a bit of these ‘funny’ experiences. A relatively small number of them compared to maybe my Swedish girlfriend Tova Johansson from the early 80’s. But still, these stories bothered her a bit.  So much that I suggested she write a blog about her feelings. Julie is a bit younger than me so I find myself smiling at her innocence when she reads these things. Its confusing and hurtful to her but her shock about it shows that her generation is on the right track.

Even my own website isn’t perfect.  Here’s the reality- my editors think it’s ok for for my bloggers, such as Katie Rost, to call white women, ‘stringy haired bitches’. Hmmmm, what if Julie submitted the unthinkable? Just kidding. That would never happen. But then, what is the answer?

One of my associates told me just to accept it, THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS. As a sheep in human society I guess that answer is acceptable but as a yogi I’m forced to re-examine this answer everyday.  For example, the abuse of animals, the planet and other humans is continuous and ongoing but each individual at different levels of participation in the abuse can say stop. I’m re-learning the truth every day, all day- which is we all have the choice to operate from a place of love.

I’m comforted to know that my kids will surely grow up in a world where by the time they reach adulthood we will all be even closer to a place of acceptance and tolerance. As for me, I will continue to try to do what I believe is karmically right, follow my heart and date appropriately (whatever color my girlfriend may be). And I will, when the appropriate time presents itself, always try to slip in words of healing.  I will also always try to promote the message of love and tolerance- and to remind people the same mantra that I use for myself (and often say out loud):  We are here to give the world what we want and to take what we want by giving it to others because in the end their freedom turns directly into our own freedom. 

Practice giving the love and respect you want for yourself to others and see what the payoff is. I promise you, its big.

Namaste (for real)


p.s.  It seems that no matter how much u wanna talk about inspiring or ‘important’ subjects most people from our hip-hop inspired community who are online are looking for light entertainment.  Anyhow, maybe I could get some of the people who have been following this fairly frivolous controversy to read below about what’s most prevalent  on my mind. 

Just a few days ago, I was honored to be named a Goodwill Ambassadorship to the United Nations as rep for the upcoming slave memorial.  The event was quite impressive with the countless ambassadors, dignitaries and friend