Trayvon Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump spoke on the recent news of George Zimmerman’s bond being revoked earlier today by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester.

STORY: Bond Revoked! George Zimmerman Has 48 Hours to Turn Himself In!

Judge Lester ruled that Zimmerman has at least 48 hours to turn himself into police after it was revealed that Zimmerman’s wife misled the court about the funds he was receiving through PayPal donations.

Upon hearing that Zimmerman’s bond had been revoked, Crump said: 

“This is such an important ruling today because once again George Zimmerman’s credibility is the issue… he should remain in custody until there is a trial….Judge Lester’s ruling in this matter is so important because it causes everyone to focus on Zimmermant’s credibility.

This is crucial when it is only Zimmerman’s testimony that Trayvon attacked him and all the objective evidence says he perused, confronted, and shot Trayvon.”

Trayvon’s courageous family spoke out on the matter as well. In a simple tweet, Trayvon’s mom wrote “Praise God,” while his brother Jahvaris Martin tweeted:

“Zimmerman has been locked back up. I hope he stays in jail. Children will be much safer.”

Prosecutors contest that Zimmerman told his wife, Shelley Zimmerman, about PayPal donations he was receiving while in jail and that she lied in the bond hearing about being aware of these funds.

But that’s not all; it was also revealed that Zimmerman had a second passport in addition to the one he surrendered to police after he was released on $150,000 bond. 

The prosecution went on to say that Zimmerman “intentionally deceived the court” with his wife and talked about monies received “in code to hide what they were doing.”

On the issue of Zimmerman’s passport, the prosecution said: 

“Zimmerman surrendered had been reported lost or stolen. He didn’t turn over new, valid one.”

On the issue of the money Zimmerman received in donations, prosecutors contend:

“This court was led to believe that they didn’t have a single penny” saying that Zimmerman called his wife from jail before bond hearing & “repeatedly tells her about the money.” 

Lawyers for the state believe that Zimmerman’s wife is guilty of contempt of court for lying and asked for Zimmerman’s bond to be revoked, raised and for him to be sent back to jail.

Contempt of court usually results in a maximum of 6 months in jail.

The judge declared that Zimmerman’s wife had lied and decided to revoke Zimmerman’s bond. He has at least 48 hours to turn himself into police.

Lawyers on both sides were in Sanford today deciding whether or not to release key pieces of evidence and make them public to the media. In the end, the judge ruled to issue an order on evidence in 30 days. And no new evidence was released today.

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