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Tim Tebow hit the red carpet Monday night knocking interviews at the Hop for Children Gala event in New York City.

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But during one particular interview, What’s Trending host Shira Lazar asked Tebow if he’s conscious of what the Internet is saying about him.

The New York Jets’ quarterback replied:

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“I’m too busy to just Google myself.”

But, what is he really “quote-on-quote” busy doing?

Tim Tebow might be too busy…

-Practicing His Winning Touchdown Stance:

In 2011, Tim unintentionally coined the touchdown stance “tebowing” as the thing to do. Now, we’re sure we can find Tim with the living room coffee table pushed aside, while his perfects the internationally known stance! Check out the next few pages to see the other things keeping Tim busy.


-Looking up the word “Tebowing” on Global Language Monitor:

Yup! Tebowing is officially considered a word in the English language on Global Language Monitor. But, the Urban Dictionary says Tebowing means “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone around you is doing something completely different.” Do you think he has the definition memorized?


-Memorizing the 2013 Super Bowl Ad Script:

In 2010, Tim aired a Super Bowl commercial with his mother for “Focus on the Family” during one of the world’s most watched sporting events. Maybe he’s back home now, rehearsing and remembering a few lines for 2013’s Super Bowl ad!


-Watching His College Highlights on YouTube:

Every aspiring pro football player has that one video of themselves showing off the best of their college career. But not many athletes have millions of YouTube views of their greatest highlights. We know he has checked out the video a few times himself online. 


-Looking at his Marvel superhero character “Super Tim”

Super Tim has come to save the day! He has also landed a part in the Avengers 2! In 2011, Marvel Custom Solutions and ESPN teamed up to create three pieces of art featuring Tebow himself. Could you see Tebow with a cape on, flying over the city with a football? 


-Trying to Get Taylor Swift to Write A Song About Him:

Earlier this year, Tim was reportedly dating country singer Taylor Swift. Although the reports concluded to be false, he may have tried to make a move or two. If they did have a thing for each other, we would have known about because Taylor would have definitely dropped a song about the footballer. Then again, that could be what’s occupying his time. He’s trying to convince her to write one. We’re sure it would top the country music charts! 


-Rereading His Autobiography

Last year, Tim released an autobiography on May 31 called Through My Eyes. The book, which was co-written by author Nathan Whitaker, includes details of his early life growing up in Jacksonville. He definitely could be spotted reading a couple pages out of the New York Times best selling book once in a while! 


-Thinking of Other Teams He Could’ve Been Traded To:

In March of 2012, Tim was traded from the Broncos to the New York Jets. When you’re traded, you don’t always get to go to the team of you’re choice. You never know, maybe he wanted to head over to the New York Giants. Wouldn’t doubt if he’s laid back thinking of all the other teams he could have potentially been traded to! 


-Stalking Peyton Manning’s House in Denver:

Earlier this year, Tim inked a deal to lease a luxury condo in Hoboken, NJ. Although the apartment building has stellar views of the New York skyline, the quarterback could be peeping through Peyton Manning’s windows, as they live just two blocks down the street from each other. 


-Practicing The “Ray Lewis Dance:”

We’re sure when Tim hits the dance floor he’s now on his knees. We wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a trick or two out of Ray Lewis’ bag, busting out in the “Ray Lewis Dance!”

Source: Whatstrending