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I guess if friends strip together, they don’t always stay together?

Heartthrob Channing Tatum has unfortunately learned this the hard way. The actor’s new movie Magic Mike is causing a rift between him and two of his old stripper pals who claim that Tatum stole their stories to get a couple million bucks.

The movie is partially based on Channing’s experiences as a male stripper back in the day. Tatum not only starred in the film but he produced it as well. Channing’s ex-stripper friends, Thomas “Awesome” Austin and London Steele are both featured as characters in the film, but they say they are not receiving any credit for the movie and that the movie is mostly their stories. 

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The two former dancers told TMZ that they knew Channing in their old Florida stripping days way back when. “Awesome” Austin says that their old stripping gang runs deep, to the point that they consider one another “brothers.”

Austin says although they are proud of their ‘friend’ Channing’s success, they feel that this movie is a HUGE slap in the face to their ‘brotherhood.’

Their lack of involvement in the movie has angered the two men to the point that they are now bashing Channing.

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Austin and Steele told TMZ that they took Channing under their wings and taught him the trade of being a stripper. Austin even said he taught Channing new stripper moves like “The Hot Seat,” a move Austin invented, and also a move that is featured in the movie. 

The two former strippers were angered when they saw scenes from Magic Mike. They told TMZ that Channing did not check with them about anything, even when it came to accuracy. They claimed that if Tatum didn’t know them there would be no movie.

Seems like Channing better hope that Magic Mike does well in the theaters, because this movie just cost him two old friends!

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