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It’s been a few months since the world lost Whitney Houston, but now we are finding out how Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina found out about the tragic lost.

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Raffles van Exel the man who cleaned up Whitney Houston’s room after her death, is speaking out saying Whitney was very good at hiding her drug habit. 

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Whitney was good at hiding her drug habit…I ­honestly thought she was clean in the two years before she died. Yes, she would have the occasional drink. And I knew she was taking painkillers and the anxiety drug Xanax. But I never suspected she was using hard drugs.

It really shocked me when I found that out. And actually it made me quite mad because I thought, ‘Whitney, you had us all fooled.’

Everyone thought Whitney was in a good place and we never ­imagined anything like this was going to happen.”

He also reveals how he called Bobby Brown and broke the news to him.

I walked into Bobbi Kristina’s room and she was crying and bawling…She asked me, ‘Is my mummy gone?’ I said, ‘They are working on her.’

She held me and said, ‘I can’t believe she is gone.’ I didn’t want to be the one who told her her mother was dead.

“I asked to borrow her phone and I called Bobby Brown. I said, ‘Yo Bobby, where you at?’

He said he was in Boston. I said, ‘I need you to come to LA, Whitney just died.’ He started crying. He said, ‘Is this a joke? Tell me this is a f***ing joke?’

He goes on to say that once Bobbi K found out her mother had passed, she was uncontrollable and hysterical. It continues to be a sad moment for everyone. Our thoughts are still with Whitney’s family.

SOURCE: Mirror