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While Pusha T is still going hard doing gangsta music, older brother Malice has seen a drastic change in his style and life. 

The rapper, who recently changed his name to No Malice, has found God, and he isn’t scared to put his religious beliefs and newfound conscious thinking into his music. Case in point: “June,” the Eric David-featured first single off his upcoming project Hear Ye Him. 

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The song is a drastic difference from the old Clipse sound. “June” is a soulful, church-sounding track that finds the Virginia-native spitting some real life gospel. Cocaine doesn’t get mentioned once, as he lays down rhymes like:

“Ain’t nothing like having that rugged pulled from under you. They kick you when you’re down, no one gives a number two. Down but not out, so you should never snooze, because the dude who’s at rock bottom ain’t got nothing to lose. If you know who you are, you ain’t got nothing to prove because red bottoms ain’t nothing but shoes.”

This is some heavy, heavy stuff the boy is spitting here, a complete contrast to that talk his brother talks. 

MUSIC: Pusha T & The-Dream “Exodus 23:1”

It’s not for everyone, but we’re feeling it. 

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