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Life is good for nasty Nas right now.

NEW VIDEO: Nas “Daughters”

He recently finished his 10th studio album, Life Is Good, and his relationship with his teenage daughter, Destiny, is better than ever. 

Many people may remember the days when Nas was happily married to singer Kelis, and the iconic green wedding dress she wore during their marriage ceremony. 

In a VH1 Behind The Music special, Nas revealed when his marriage was falling apart, Kelis moved out, taking everything except her green wedding dress. 

Kelis’ green wedding dress seemed to be haunting him all these years since his divorce, so he decided to elegantly drape the one item that was giving him the “blues” over his knees for the cover of his new album.  

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In a recent interview with MTV, Nas revealed why he used Kelis’ wedding dress and the symbolism he was trying to portray on Life Is Good

“The cover is the blues. It’s like an old blues man talking about his life. It’s just really true to what I’ve been through. It felt right. It felt like the natural way to go. The dress bothered me in the house, it always bothered me. I always thought about doing something with it. All she left was the green dress, and it clicked right there…some things you can’t plan, they happen.” 

We hope Nas has closed that chapter in his life, and that his life is truly good. 


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