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LoLa Monroe is talented, beautiful and currently holding her ground as the first lady of Taylor Gang. On the surface it all looks lavish, but inside, she bears a story untold. 

NEW MUSIC: Lola Monroe & Wiz Khalifa “Gettin’ To It”

The gorgeous Ethiopian native came on the scene in 2009 with her first mixtape Boss Bitch’s World after seeing success as an actress and video vixen. LoLa followed up with two more mixtapes that year, solidifying her place in the music industry and catching the ear of Taylor Gang’s head honcho Wiz Khalifa.

Since then, LoLa has turned down the sex and turned up the intensity in her music. 

NEW MUSIC: Lola Monroe “Flexin’ On ‘Em” Freestyle

GlobalGrind had the pleasure of chopping it up with the stunning LoLa Monroe, who delved deep into her secret past, and for the first time she revealed some of the most dangerous things that happened in her life.

Check out the emotional interview with LoLa in the video above.