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Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are quickly becoming the best of friends.

PHOTOS: Kim & Beyonce Make It Official

This is according to the latest rumors that say the women of “The Throne” have been kicking it on numerous occasions. Apparently Kim has passed the friendship test!

“Beyoncé is careful with who she surrounds herself with, but she never hated Kim,” an inside source tells NY Daily News

If you’re surprised to learn that Beyonce and Kim have been kicking it without the Bey Hive finding out, that’s because Kim is keeping quiet. 

“She’s hung with them a few times already, but she isn’t saying peep about them,” says the source.

“She’s not tweeting or taking pictures with (Beyoncé) because she doesn’t want to seem desperate,” the Kardashian confidante explains.

Kim’s whole business and brand is sharing every facet of her life, but sources say she wants to be cool with Beyonce so badly that she’s willing to change her ways. While Kim has already shared a little about Kanye West, her friendship with the Carters will continue to be a private thing. 

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Can’t you see Kim and Beyonce going a shopping spree together in the near future? Only time will tell how much this friendship will flourish…