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Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky keep their sonic affair going strong with yet another collab effort for the fans.

Earlier today Del Rey dropped her vintage-Americana inspired video to “National Anthem,” which featured none other than Harlem’s very own, A$AP Rocky.

But now it’s Pretty Flacko’s turn to take the wheel on his new track “Ridin’” while Lana rides in the passenger side.

VIDEO: Lana Del Rey & A$AP Rocky “National Anthem” 

“Ridin’” isn’t exactly what you’d expect from such a trill emcee like Rocky, but the track still knocks nonetheless.

On the hook Lana sings:

“I wanna be the ob-ject / of your affection / give me all your tongue touch / money and attention / pick me up after school / you could be my baby / maybe we could go somewhere / get a little crazy”

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Rocky follows up rapping:

“Blonde hair / Lana that’s my b*tch, uh / you can tell by the swagger and the lips, uh / cause I’m ridin’ with my bitch / got the 645 / catch me ridin’ with my b*tch”

“Ridin’” is slated to appear on Rocky’s highly anticipated debut album Live.Love.A$AP, due out September 11th

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