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Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez is obviously playing by her own rules and giving a big f**k you to all her haters!

The new reality star is causing a huge ruckus on and off the show with her feisty attitude. Due to Joseline’s love affair with music producer Stevie J, the Spanish firecracker has been receiving A LOT of hate.

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Stevie was in a twelve year long relationship with his baby mama Mimi Faust while he was “working” with Joseline. Joseline has recently put up pics of the duo, and she’s spotted very close and personal to Stevie, even grabbing his manhood.

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The bootylicious singer went on a Twitter rampage to show that she doesn’t care what anyone says; she’s gonna do whatever she damn well pleases!

Although Joseline seems to be the girl we’re going to love to hate on the show, she doesn’t seem to fazed by it. We can’t wait what other antics she has in store for us this season!