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It all started only a few weeks ago, with the insane unprecedented incident of Rudy Eugene relentlessly eating a homeless man’s face down in Miami. The naked Eugene was allegedly high on the infamous bath salts drug. 

Since the incident, cannibalistic stories revolving around the bath salts phenomenon has swept the nation, instilling real fear of a zombie apocalypse. However new evidence shows that Rudy Eugene in fact, did NOT have bath salts in his system.

STORY: Would Ya Look At That! Miami Face Eater Had No Bath Salts In System

So what does this mean? Was the entire media sensation complete bulls**t? How do stories about the Miami cannibal rise out of nowhere, then all of a sudden he wasn’t on bath salts?

We at GlobalGrind are not sure either. So we went out into Times Square to ask the public about their thoughts. We asked people if they’ve ever tried bath salts, know where to find them, and what they would do in the middle of a zombie attack.

It is New York City, so you know there were entertaining answers. Check it out!

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