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We all know flipping through our favorite fashion magazines can be the quickest way for some of us to start wallowing in our self esteem issues but that may be changing at least when it comes to Seventeen Magazine.

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Julia Bluhm, a 14 year old of Waterville, Maine held a protest outside of Hearst Corp. headquarters in New York and her message was that the images of young girls in Seventeen Magazine portray an impossible ideal for today’s teens.

Her protest hasn’t gone unanswered.

In the mag’s August issue, editor Ann Shoket has released her plan for “Body Peace Treaty” in which she promises “celebrate every kind of beauty” and stick to the magazine’s earlier promise to show “real girls as they really are.”

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The New York TImes reports:

She said the entire staff signed the eight-point pact, in which the magazine promises that it will “never change girls’ body or face shapes”

We’re glad to see the magazine is making a step for a change but actions speaking louder than words. Only time will tell if Seventeen truly sticks to their guns.