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We are very somber to report that following an accident on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday involving a jet ski, Tameka Raymond’s 11 year old son, Kile Glover, has been declared brain dead. 

Kile is Tameka Raymonds’s son from a previous marriage with Ryan Glover, one of the leaders of Bounce TV and a producer and promoter.

The estranged wife of R&B sensation Usher has been at her son’s side since she got news of the incident and there is no news on whether or not the family will take him off of life support. 

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TMZ is reporting that Kile has not experienced any brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital and doctors have officially announced him brain dead today.

Usher arrived at the hospital late last night to be at his stepson’s side after he chartered a jet for Tameka to fly in to be with her son following the accident as she was out of town. 

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Kile was struck in the head by a passing jet ski while riding on an inner tube. The jet ski was driven by a 38- -year-old man who is currently cooperating with the investigation. A 15-year-old girl was also injured, but there are no updates on her state. 

Good Morning America has reported on the incident and points out that Tameka and Usher both take parenting very seriously and were close to their children.

Check out the video below and please, send your prayers to Tameka, Ryan, Usher and their loved ones at this very difficult time. 

Our minds, hearts and prayers are with Kile. 


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