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B2K singer Raz B is recovering after a near death experience that almost claimed his life.

STORY: Raz B Accused Of Raping A Boy In China

Touring in China, Raz B nearly died Sunday after accidentally falling through a glass door in his hotel room, slicing his wrist wide open and losing a large amount of blood.

As reported by TMZ:

Raz, who had been performing in Shanghai before the accident, tells TMZ, he tripped hard inside his room … and when he tried to break his fall, he crashed through a sliding glass door.

Raz says the broken glass caught his wrist and ripped it to pieces, tearing through ligaments, nerves, tendons … right down to the bone. (We’ve seen a graphic close-up of the injury, and decided to spare you the visuals. You’re welcome.)

Raz says he immediately began gushing blood and quickly passed out. Someone else in the room then alerted the hotel, and an ambulance was called.

Raz was rushed to Huashan Hospital Fudan University, where doctors operated to repair his mutilated wrist — a grueling procedure that took roughly 5 hours.

Thankfully Raz B was released from the hospital Monday and has since canceled his remaining tour dates — for now.