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Chicago’s bloody summer of homicides has risen to over 38 percent killed this year, and New York City isn’t too far behind. In a five-day stretch beginning on July 4th and ending Sunday the 8th, sixteen New Yorkers were slain. 

STORY: CHICAGOLAND: 4 Killed & 19 Wounded Over 4th Of July

According to the NY Post, the murder rate over the five-day span has triggered concern across the five boroughs.

-In one report, a Bed-Stuy mom with terminal cancer allegedly confessed to fatally bludgeoning her 7-year-old son over the head.

-In the Bronx, a mother allegedly fed her two children a concoction with chemical de-icer, before turning on the gas on the stove, and slitting her own wrists. The children died while she survived.

-A crazed man stabbed an MTA officer in the eye, was shot and killed by said MTA officer.

-A Brooklyn schoolteacher was stabbed to death in her Staten Island home during what cops believe was a home invasion.

-In Queens, three men were gunned down “over a girl” after returning to their neighborhood from a Brooklyn nightclub. The killer reportedly fired 63 shots from an AK-47.

-And on July 4th alone, 17 people were shot in New York City.

And although shootings are up 10.9 percent compared to the same time last year, the number of murders is down.

Stu Loesser, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, told the NY Post:

“The last four years have been the four safest in city history, but the week when the Fourth of July falls has been bloody every single year…

We’ve brought crime down lower and lower, but it’s important to note that after there were 18 homicides in the Fourth of July week in 2011, 18 in 2010, and 11 in 2009, each year ended up at or near historic murder lows.”

We have to put the guns down as the summer continues to heat up our streets.