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Today, 50 years ago, rock and roll was born.

OK, that’s probably a little extreme. But today, 50 years ago, The Rolling Stones played their first gig together, starting a historic musical relationship that can’t be matched.

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A half a century later and the band’s two leaders, singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, are still rocking…even though things haven’t always been easy.  

MUSIC: Will.I.Am & Mick Jagger “Go Home” 

We know that most of our audience falls in the hip-pop space and classical rock really isn’t your thing. So we thought it would be cool to combine the two worlds. 

The Rolling Stones and hip-hop have had a complicated, almost non-existent relationship (Keith Richards once said in a 2007 interview that he was “cold to hip-hop.”)

However, we were able to find a couple of instances where the two worlds collided. Here are our ten favorite Rolling Stones and hip-hop moments. 


Keith Richards Appears On The Cover Of GQ With Lil Wayne & Eminem:  

We already know Keith Richards is a rock god. But Eminem and Lil Wayne? Who knew! This picture is going to be pretty iconic one day. Speaking of Lil Wayne…


Lil Wayne Sampled A Rolling Stones Song On “Playin With Fire”:

When Tha Carter III first dropped, one of the songs to appear on the album was “Playin With Fire.” However, a month after the album was released, Abkco Music Inc. filed a lawsuit against Wayne and Cash Money, claiming that they ripped of the Rolling Stones’ “Play with Fire.” They eventually settled, but “Playin With Fire” no longer appears on the album. 


Kanye West Gives Mick Jagger A Shout Out On Twitter:

Kanye West doesn’t tweet a lot. But when he does, you know it’s something monumentally important, like this relatively random tweet he dedicated to Mick Jagger last year. 


Kanye West Has “Mick Jagger Swagga”:

That tweet to Mick Jagger wasn’t the first time Kanye showed some love. In T.I.’s 2008 hit “Swagga Like Us,” Kanye had the line: “My swagga is Mick Jagger.”


Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Jim Jones & Kobe Ask If You “Ever Took A Hit Of Mick Jagger?”:

Raekwon and his rap friends showed some love to all of the rock legends, including The Rolling Stones, on his Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang standout, “Rock N Roll.” 


Mick Jagger & Have Songs Together: 

There is absolutely nothing rock about “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever),” which also features Jennifer Lopez, and “Go Home.” Both songs feature club-ready music.  


Mick Jagger Formed A Super Group That Featured Damian Marley: 

Eurhythmics keyboardist Dave Stewart and reggae legend Damian Marley. Together they make up a band that contains a garbage plate of different sounds.


The Rolling Stones Sample Biz Markie On “Anybody Seen My Baby”:

The Rolling Stones rarely sample other acts. However, for their 1997 song “Anybody Seen My Baby,” the band took a short vocal sample from Biz Markie’s “A One Two.” Check 2:49 to hear it. 


Chiddy Bang Blew One Down With Keith Richards:

Rap duo Chiddy Bang admitted in an interview that while they were in a studio, they ran into Keith Richards and then proceeded to get stoned with the rock legend. Soooo cool. 


Mick Jagger & Keith Richards Argue About Gangsta Rapper On Saturday Night Live :

OK, so it’s not really Keith Richards (rather, Mick Jagger acting like Keith, while Mike Myers does Mick). Still, this is a pretty funny video of a pretend argument about rap.