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Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator love their girls golden. 

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Frank Ocean released his debut album Channel Orange on iTunes a week earlier than scheduled, but if you pick up a physical copy of the album, his collaboration with fellow Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator will be present as a bonus track. 

“Golden Girl” is a laid back track about a girl who makes Frank and Tyler’s life bright when they feel bleak. 

“She peels an orange/for us in the morning/she woke me up to give me half/I can hear the children soccer ballin/like wildcats running on the grass/your a girl on this island/I’ma boy from America/my flight leaves tonight, but I don’t think I’m going back, you’re my golden girl/you’re the one I’ve chosen girl,” sings Frank. 

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“You my g-o-l-d-e-n g-i-r-l/that’s for the females who can’t spell/umm thanks for f*cking with me/your my dark in the light/your like a bucket of bleach,” raps Tyler. 

“Golden Girl” is off Channel Orange‘s physical copy, which will be available in all retail stores (except Target) on July 17. 

Take a listen to “Golden Girl” below!