Though Love & Hip Hop: ATL mainly follows the lives of women who are in relationships with the big guys of hip-hop, male co-star Stevie J has quickly become a fan favorite!

With his smooth talk, wild antics, and funny expressions, it’s difficult to not pay the guy any attention. Besides, he plays so many different roles in the reality series.

VIDEO: Stevie J & Joseline Love Triangle… Blame Mimi For Letting It Happen

Stevie J is the baby daddy of Mimi Faust, he is Joseline Hernandez’s lover and manager, Karlie Redd’s Hit-Factory, and Lil’ Scrappy’s newfound enemy. He is definitely making the most of his camera time.

His personality and womanizing ways have been the talk of the show since it started, and though many initial viewers boycotted the show, we don’t anticipate the player going anywhere just yet. 

PHOTOS: Joseline Grabs Stevie J’s Junk!

Though unsure of his tactics at first, fans of the show quickly realized Stevie J uses his looks, gift of gab, and amazing vocals to basically talk himself out of any and every situation – most of those situations being quarrels within the love triangle he’s conveniently created between himself, Joseline and Mimi.

We can’t say we agree with how he treats his women, but we can appreciate those funny faces he makes every Monday night.

Check out the many faces of the infamous Stevie J!

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