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Multiple reports indicate that Mitt Romney has narrowed down his short-list of potential vice presidential candidates to three.

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Generally, the pick for VP shouldn’t weigh on a voter’s decision too heavily. But, with the recent passing of Obamacare, questions about Bain Capital, and the American people seeming to be so divided on politics today, Romney’s Vice-Presidential pick could be crucial in the upcoming election against Barack Obama. Think about what the Sarah Palin decision did to John McCain’s campaign only four years ago!

In a pool that included such names as Chris Christie (New Jersey Governor), Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State), Dick Cheney (former Vice-President), Marco Rubio (Florida Governor), Paul Ryan (US Rep for Wisconsin’s 1st District), Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire Senator), and more; Romney has narrowed it down to three.

His choices, however, are none of the names listed above. Check out the final choices’ greatest strengths, and crippling weaknesses.

Also remember to get out and vote. The future of our country is in our hands, do your research and make your decision.


Rob Portman:

Many Republicans believe Romney will ultimately pick Portman, 56. He is the current favorite and is considered to be a safe pick, as he is generally liked by differing Republicans. 

Portman has foreign-policy experience that Romney lacks based on his service as U.S. trade representative for Republican President George W. Bush and his current tenure on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And during his time at the House of Representatives, he earned the reputation of being one of the few Republicans to form alliances with Democrats to pass legislation.

Imperatively, he is the current Ohio Senator, which is a key swing state in the election. So Romney’s choice of picking him could make him likely to win Ohio.

His main weakness is that he’s considered to be extremely boring, even more so than Romney himself. It may be difficult for a team of rich, extremely uptight, boring, white Republicans to win the election in today’s generation.

Tim Pawlenty:

Pawlenty, 41, is considered to be the number two pick for Romney as of now. He too is considered to be a safe, boring choice. However; a strength of Romney’s is his reputation as a great business man, so a risky pick would undermine his credibility. 

Pawlenty is a former governor of Minnesota, who served from 2003-2011. He has been a loyal and well-liked supporter of Romney and many Republicans during the presidential campaign. And his middle-class, Mid-Western background; where his mother died when he was 16 and his dad lost his job from a trucking company, makes him advantageous to Romney, who needs a relatable face on his campaign bill.

His weaknesses include the fact that Minnesota was $5 billion in debt at the end of his term, he lacks charisma, and does not have a health care plan. Also, when he was running to be the Republican candidate he seemed weak, as he didn’t go after Romney like everyone else did.


Bobby Jindal:

Jindal, 40, would be Romney’s wild card choice. Jindal is an Indian-American, who converted from Hinduism to Catholicism when he was 14. The Louisiana Governor since 2008, he’s very outspoken, and is considered to be more exciting to conservatives than the other two options.

Jindal has also been the loudest Obama critic of the three, he’s said Obama is the: 

“Most liberal, incompetent president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.” 

Jindal also strongly opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, like the other two, but he’s a louder voice. Also, Jindal’s Indian background could help Romney attract more non-white Hispanic voters. 

Jindal’s main strengths are also his weakness. His outspoken strong conservative views concerning Obamacare, same-sex marriage, and abortion could turn away swing voters.

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