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Our girl Beyonce has been rocking a new look lately with some golden box braids, but that doesn’t mean that her grind has changed one bit. 

The Texas girl has released a new ad for her newest fragrance “Midnight Heat.” The ad features a sultry post-Blue Beyonce rocking all things purple and showing off her flawless figure. 

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The new perfume, Midnight Heat, seems to be a treat to the senses. Perfume experts over at Fragrantica describe the new scent as one that “opens with rich fruity flavors of plum from Armenia and star fruit. Orchid, black tulips and purple peony form the heart that gradually turns into the oriental base of warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli.”

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If you’re into fragrances, you can imagine what that would smell like, but we’ll just wait to take a whiff ourselves.

This is the third of Beyonce’s fragrances, and everything she touches turns to gold; Midnight Heat will be no exception. 

There is no confirmed date of the perfume launch, but there are rumors that it is set to hit the U.S. market in mid-August.