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Jon Hamm may be a big celebrity now, but before going Hollywood, there was one famous guy that made him a little nervous!

While in the Big Apple, the Mad Men actor got a surprise of a lifetime: bumping into Jay-Z in the elevator! In a recent interview, he explained:

“I was in New York City and going down an elevator when the elevator stopped, and Jay-Z got on. This was a long time ago. It was pre-Beyonce. And definitely pre-Mad Men.”

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If you’re in a small 2×2 elevator with one of America’s most influential moguls, exactly what do you say? The 41-year-old reminisced on the conversation, saying:

“It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, wow, I know you.’ And I think I was probably super nervous and nerdy and said something like, ‘I’m a big fan of your work.’ And he was very polite. And then we rode the elevator down the rest of the way, and then he got out and walked to the curb and got in a powder blue Bentley. And I walked to the corner and got on the subway.”

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While Jon is cool as sh*t, he’s probably the last person we’d expect to say is a fan of the rapper!

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