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Who knew LaToya Jackson would be the voice of reason in the Jackson family? 

The sister known for being hungry for publicity actually wants the family to keep their issues out of the public eye!

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LaToya, who’s kept her silence during Katherine Jackson’s 10-day “vacation” where she failed to contact MJ’s kids, wants the family to stop attacking each other in public. She would prefer the family to settle their differences in private.

Even though LaToya told the family to stop fighting, she has picked a side. 

TMZ reports: 

She is NOT aligned with Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie … and wasn’t thrilled to see them camera-whoring all over TV this week.

Bottom line — we’re told La Toya wants what’s best for Michael’s kids … and feels the quicker the family can stop making a public spectacle of themselves.

Over the past couple of weeks, Paris Jackson took to Twitter to make public calls for her family to return grandmother Katherine Jackson; after Randy, Janet and Jermaine took her on a vacation – a vacation where she didn’t have contact with the kids or the rest of the family.

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This sparked MJ’s kids and others to believe the siblings were hatching a plot to get their hands on the money in Michael’s estate. The trio, lead by Randy, also sent a letter asking for the executors of MJ’s estate to be removed. 

The whole thing turned ugly and ended up with Katherine being temporarily stripped of her guardianship rights of Michael’s children. 

We’ll say it again: stop fighting for the children!