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It is time for judgment day for our pint size queen guidette Snooki! Today is her court day for her disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance change she got on July 30, which came the day after the season premeir of Jersey Shore.

At her August 18 court date Snooki had her lawyer entered not-guilty plea. While in court the judge gave Snooki a third charge of annoying people on the beach! Really? How can you charge poor Snooki with annoying people? She’s just trying to live it up on the Jersey Shore, it’s in her blood to do things like that.

But the law is the law, I suppose and Snooki has to face it today! Even though the charges Snooki is faces won’t land her any jail time, imagine the thought of being Snooki-less? Imagine all the great Snooki-isms we would have to suffer months without?!

Check out our list of the 5 things we’ll miss if Snooks gets the boot to jail!

First we kick it off with her signature hair


The Poof

You see a lot of girls try to rock the Jersey Shore poof, but not everyone is as successful as Snooki. Depending on where she’s going the height of her poof varies, but no matter the height of the poof, she wears it well!



The Tan

What would the world of tanning be like without Snooki? The woman is a walking advertisement for any tanning product or tanning salon!


The Sunglasses

Snooki is a big fan of sunglasses! She is always wearing a pair of sunglasses no matter where she is going or where she is coming from and if you’ve seen an episode of Jersey Shore you know Snooki rocks her shades in the club too!

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