Fluke is a line of limited edition skateboard decks designed by luminary designer Karim Rashid for Blank Plank. Available in the designer’s signature design aesthetics, there are only 100 of these decks available, and each retail for $60, $75 after standard shipping. PHOTOS: Lil Wayne Launches New Skateboard Line, Trukfit! According to the press release, “Blank Plank […]

It is time for judgment day for our pint size queen guidette Snooki! Today is her court day for her disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance change she got on July 30, which came the day after the season premeir of Jersey Shore. At her August 18 court date Snooki had her lawyer entered […]

Amber Rose has been quite busy lately. Hosting parties, making appearances and just being all around fly. The socialite and model was spotted wearing a sexy dress while walking through the streets of Los Angeles. She’s also been doing a little flirting with Soulja Boy. Could this be hip hop’s new power couple?  Amber Rose […]

As we know, Rihanna finally took over her Twitter account this week from her record bosses, with her first tweet, ‘So now that i finally took over my Twitter page no more corny label tweets……lol! whaaasssuupppp ppl!!!!!”Ri Ri was welcomed to Twitter with open arms from her fellow celebrity tweeters and fans. Songstress Katy Perry […]

Lindsay Lohan returned to twitter yesterday after more than a month away from the social networking site. People waited for Lindsay’s first tweet, scholars pondered at what it could possibly be and finally on the afternoon of August 26th she tweeted ‘Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures or video while someone’s driving or […]


This is genius. Kanye West‘s tweets have now been brought to life through the New Yorker cartoons. The idea is simple: take a cartoon from the New Yorker and place one of Kanye’s tweets as the caption. The New Yorker is well-known for it’s popular culture commentary, supporting literary advancements through fiction short stories and […]


If you don’t keep your social networks attached to your hip or check them every minute of your life then you may not know that Kanye West has joined twitter. Perhaps his dalliance in the Facebook offices have convinced him to up his social networking ante or maybe he’s decided to give social networks outside […]

Kim Kardashian spent the weekend trying to look the best she possible could as the paps caught up with Kim getting her hair done. Day after day we see Kim looking totally amazing and she’s the wet dream of many men everywhere.  A wife of one of those men tweeted ‘I’m getting head 2 toe […]


Being a celebrity is an all-inclusive, 24/7 job. Outside of doing whatever it is that made them famous to begin with, there’s making TV appearances, red carpets, fundraisers, premieres, concerts and club cameos that help keep celebrities relevant and in the public eye.  But now that we are in the 21st century and the age […]

We know everyone is on the twitter wave, that’s a given. But one thing we don’t understand is why our girl Amber Rose hasn’t been verified yet. This gorgeous starlet recently stepped back on the twitter scene in June, after deleting her account for the second time. Take note, for those who don’t know, her […]

Kim Kardashian‘s twitter (@kimkardashian) represents all that the socialite has accomplished during her time in the spotlight. She went from the being the daughter of a successful lawyer to one of the most famous faces and brands on the planet. Men everywhere want to get with her and women everywhere want to be her. Not […]


Twitter has become the new breaking news center, every time something crazy happens it seems the origin was someone’s twitter account. It’s always look at the thier twitter, what was the last thing they tweeted, check their time line, that is what news and media has transformed into. News making tweets that made headlines, Captain […]