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There’s really only one positive to the end of summer: football.

Yes, America’s favorite pastime is back in full swing. Football kicks off tonight with a awesome matchup: the defending Super Bowl champions New York Giants vs. their bitter NFC rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. 

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GlobalGrind doesn’t always do a lot of sports, but when it comes to football, we can’t help ourselves. We get excited.

Since we’re so pumped, we decided to do our own NFL predictions list for the upcoming season. Read and take these to the bank! 

The Houston Texans will win the Super Bowl.

Truth is, if the Houston Texans don’t get hit with a bunch of injuries like last year (including losing their starting quarterback, Matt Schaub, and their best defensive player, Mario Williams) then they win the Super Bowl. Houston has a top five defense (led by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips) and a offense led by the best wide receiver in the league, Andre Johnson, and one of the best running backs in the league, Adrian Foster. This team is going to stay healthy and take it all this year, beating the Detroit Lions in a wild Super Bowl. 

New England will go undefeated in the regular season, but then get smoked in the playoffs. 

New England’s schedule is insanely easy. It’s full of woeful teams like the Colts, the Jaguars and the Dolphins. They’re going to be good. Until they reach playoffs, and Houston rides on them.

Tim Tebow will be starting by week six. 

After the Jets start a disappointing 3-3, the loud noise from the New York media and the fans are going to be too much to ignore. During the October 21st game against the Patriots, the Jets will be down big, only for Mark Sanchez to be replaced by Tim Tebow during halftime. The Jets won’t win, but he will make it close enough that he stays the starter. 

This season will be the year where quarterbacks really evolve. 

Let’s face it: the traditional dropback passer is going the way of the VCR. Now, we need more from our quarterbacks. We need them to be great athletes, not just great passers. Players like Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers are what quarterbacks are going to look like: players that can run, pass and move in the pocket. Five teams are starting rookies at QB this year — Colts, Seahawks, Washington Football Team, Browns and the Dolphins — and all have a QB that fits that mold of being mobile and athletic.

Eagles are going to disappoint again.

I don’t care what their roster looks like; the Eagles will find a way to disappoint again. And it will start when Michael Vick gets hurt, and he has to sit out a quarter of the season. 

The Giants will be good again. 

The Giants have had a quiet offseason, and that’s the way they like it. The Giants will have their usual up and downs throughout the season, but will win the divisional again, and find its way into the playoffs. 

The Miami Dolphins will be the worst team in the league. 

Miami has a strong defense, however, Miami’s offense is dreadful. They are starting a rookie QB this season, Ryan Tannehill, which isn’t the problem. The problem is, they are surrounding him with subpar talent. They literally don’t have one good wide receiver on their team. 

Both Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens will get another shot with a team. 

Just watch. Both of those guys were too good for too long not to get another shot. By midseason, teams are going to get desperate. 

It’s going to be a tough year for Peyton Manning. 

History has shown us that QBs tend to struggle when they go to a new team. Mix that in with a pretty rough schedule and an improved division, and Peyton might be playing the role of little brother again this year. 

This will be Rex Ryan’s last year. 

Rex Ryan’s act only works when the team is winning. If it’s not, then what becomes bold and enjoyable quickly turns into a distraction. Jets feel like a 6-10 team this year, and that won’t be good enough for impatient Jets fans.