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Lil Wayne’s crew, Young Money, may have just released their debut album, but don’t get it confused. The YM crew has been putting in work for a few years now. And believe it or not, although they say ‘We’ Are Young Money, the current roster wasn’t the same people that were down with Wayne from the launch of his Young Money Entertainment.

In the beginnings, the Young Money crew consisted of rappers Curren$y, Boo (from Boo & Gotti), Mack Maine, and Kidd Kidd. Curren$y put out a video for his single ‘Where The Cash At’ featuring Wayne and Remy Ma.

Eventually Curren$y left the YM imprint to start his own label, Fly Society. The alleged reason for his departure was because his’ album release date kept being pushed back.

Boo (of Boo & Gotti fame) was another artist who was signed to Young Money by way of Cash Money. He put out a video for his single ‘Ain’t It Man’ with his partner Gotti featuring Lil Wayne.

Although Boo scored a hit with the track, and appeared on various Young Money mixtapes, he too left the label in 2004, due to creative differences (according to his Myspace page).

Although Weezy lost two of the first artists on his label, hope wasn’t lost. Wayne continued to go hard building his brand, releasing mixtape after mixtape. One of the orignal YM artist, Mack Maine stayed on the label.

After Wayne found his’ solo success, he decided to start building up the Young Money brand. He brought aboard new rappers to the crew, including west coast rapper Tyga, who he signed after seeing him perform with Gym Class Heroes at an MTV award show.

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